Is it safe to vacation in Antigua?

That’s the big question for anybody planning to travel right now.

Well the good news is that Antigua came through this pandemic very well so far, and with relatively few Covid19 cases.

People understand and respect the rules and continue to practice social distancing.

Antigua’s Ministry of Health and Tourism has done a great job in controlling Covid 19 on island
and in keeping a very close eye on any developments.

To welcome guests, any hotel or accommodation property in Antigua has to undergo a thorough inspection
and get approved based on Covid19 protocols.

Yepton has officially been registered and certified.


To ensure your safety on property, we’ve put the following protocol in place:


COVID-19 Protocol – Yepton Estate Cottages


We are preparing to reopen our hotel in October. Our guests will be expecting to see visible signs that we have taken all reasonable steps to keep them safe whilst they are staying with us.

Hygiene, safety and security have always been of great importance, but are now paramount. It will be key to our success that we show our guests that their welfare has been taken care of.

The following precautions are designed to help us to plan and mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The measures contain clear information and recommendations on adjusting operation procedures.

Yepton Estate Cottages is working with local government to exceed Hygiene & Safety audit expectations for hotels and to implement all requirements to prevent the spread of, or infection with COVID-19.

General Disinfection:

Under the COVID-19 protocol and after last guest departure, general disinfection procedures will be undertaken.  To allow this cleaning to be thorough, we will have 2 days between departures and arrivals. We will disinfect the cottage entrances, and, of course, the cottages; with special attention given to high touch areas, using Disinfection sprays.


Rather than receiving our guests in our office for a paper check-in, we will meet our guests at the front gate and provide a touch-free check-in.  Paperwork and a welcome pack containing hand sanitizer, Lysol Disinfection Spray, toilet paper, tissue paper, gloves, a personal washable mask; a thoroughly disinfected cell phone and, where required, a sanitized GPS for the car, will be provided. An awareness leaflet about ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection and official updated travel information will also be included.


We normally clean our rooms once every 4th day.  In this case, our room attendant will clean and sanitize all surfaces, and change the sheets and towels wearing gloves and a mask.  If you feel more comfortable, instead of cleaning the cottage at those intervals, we could simply supply fresh linens and towels for self-service on the 4th day. Our room attendant is picked up and taken back to her home when on duty to avoid having to take a bus.  The only other person in our employ is our gardener/pool man who has very little interaction with the guests.  Also, unlike most hotels, we only have 5 individual cottages (total 10 guests at any given time), nicely spaced out which makes interaction between guests a choice, not a necessity.

Swimming Pool and Beach:

We request that the pool be used by the guests of one cottage at a time.  Our ¼ mile white sand beach, within a 6 minute walk, is mostly deserted, again allowing for “natural” social distancing.

In Case of an Infected Person at the Hotel:

A continued stay of a sick person on property is not recommended. The person can be isolated in a cottage on a temporary basis until the doctor or local health authorities make their recommendations and advise us on how to proceed. No visitors are be permitted to enter the cottage occupied by the affected guest.

When out and about:

Antigua and Antiguans have been very diligent during the lengthy lock-down and we are still obliged to wear a mask when in public, except on the beach and, of course, to practice social distancing.  Many of the restaurants are still closed and those that are open, also expect everyone to respect their rules on face masks and social distancing.

We Wish you a happy and safe stay at

Yepton Beach Resort!



Image courtesy Jake/Bradley Unsplash