Enjoy a great time with bird watching in Antigua!

Antigua is truly one of the most wonderful islands situated at the Caribbean. This island is famous as the ultimate spot for honeymoon and holidays because of its superb beaches, warm climate and culture. The island isn’t just abundant with fish; it is also perfect for local bird watching and familiarization of the bird species nesting in the Caribbean.

Our vacation houses are set near Yepton Beach in Antigua. The landscape is teeming with birds such as Antillean Crested Hummingbird, Green-throated Carib, Carib Grackles, White-crowned Pigeons and Bananaquits. These species of birds are just some of the common birds nesting within our vacation houses’ garden. And just a little walk away from your accommodation, you will see a number of Black-necked Stilts and Wilson’s Plovers nursing their young. Mangrove colonies are home for bird species like punk-headed baby Tricoloured Herons, Snowy and Great White Egrets and Brown Pelicans which you can actually watch from close distance! You literally do not have to go far to watch birds at Antigua. This wonderful island offers the opportunity that the birds will come right to you to amaze you, even if you are not a professional birdwatcher.

What if you are planning to go to Antigua as a bird watching enthusiast just to study the bird species of the Caribbean? I am sure you want to see and examine as many as bird as possible. Then you might want to schedule a whole day trip to the Great Bird Island, a minute rocky island that will not just give you an astounding view for bird watching but also an action packed journey while you climb the rocky hills of this magnificent landscape. Bird species like Sooty Terns, Bridled Terns, Laughing Gulls, and Brown Noddies are common inhabitants of this rocky solitary island. Bird watching fanatics sometimes even report that they spotted one of the most fascinating birds in the island: the tantalizing Red-billed Tropicbird, a dream bird for some.

If you are planning to have your vacation here at Antigua, make sure that you include bird watching to your usual snorkeling, paddle boarding and island hopping activities. Remember that marine and wildlife encounter such as fishing and bird watching while you are here at Antigua will not just make your stay more enjoyable. It will surely make your experience more memorable and will make you and your family keep coming back to Antigua for more!


Fishing in Antigua

Have you listed the things you and your loved ones might do to make your Antigua trip unforgettable? You are in the right place because we will show you an awesome activity: Antigua fishing. Antigua is a paradise in the eastern Caribbean surrounded with water teeming with marine life which is perfect for your ultimate fishing activity.

Tourists at Antigua often write about the wonderful taste of Caribbean seafood. It is not a complete vacation is you never experience the unique cuisine the locals have to offer. But imagine this: You are catching your own food, reeling your line at the lagoon, just in front of your vacation house. It sure is a wonderful experience and devouring on delicious seafood is always fantastic. Why not make your dinner even more exciting and unforgettable by catching and cooking your own fish? Antigua is a sanctuary of countless marine life so fishing at Antigua will never be boring.

Antigua fishingWhat can you expect to catch on your Antigua fishing activity? Actually, the possibilities here at Antigua are limitless! Catching your next kingfish or blue marlin is never impossible here!

Are you a professional angler looking for a whole new level of fishing experience while having a wonderful vacation here at Antigua? You can always try deep sea fishing known as trawling here in Antigua. Do you want to feel the excitement of manual fishing while you are boarded on your boat, off shore? Try reel fishing! Tourist anglers are so happy to catch sailfish, kingfish, tuna, wahoo and even dolphins. This fishes are considered to be big game catches in sport fishing and are undoubtedly abundant in the Antigua.

If you are a tourist who prefer light fishing experience you can always choose to stay inland and fish using a traditional hand line or enjoy fly-fishing. Rewards of these activities include tarpon, permit, bonefish and barracuda.

Whether you are a sport fishing enthusiast or just a tourist who wants to experience the beauty of the Antiguan waters, fishing sees to it that you will be constantly entertained while giving you panorama and excitement that will bring you memories that you will cherish forever.

At Yepton Estate Cottages we offer you vacation houses situated in the lagoon that you can actually enjoy fishing while you are in Antigua. If you are planning to book for your next Antigua vacation, contact us so we can help you.