Art Holidays in Antigua

Yepton Estate Cottages has so much more to offer than a beautiful setting and a relaxing atmosphere. If you are inspired by art, great scenery and lovely companionship, you might have just discovered a true Antiguan secret.

Did you know that besides being an attentive and welcoming host at her self-catering cottages, there is another side to owner Gabriela Luery?

Gabriela is also an artist and painter. She attended art classes in Salzburg, Austria and at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and during her years in Austria, Africa and Canada, she tried out numerous techniques and colors. You can admire her diverse paintings right there at Yeptons, inside the cottages or at art exhibitions here in Antigua. Not being bound to one style or one medium, she experiments with different media and styles, often attempting to leave some “food for thought” in her subjects.

Looking at her paintings immediately pulls you in. Her distinctive use of color captures the Caribbean flair and it expresses so much more.

Gabriela loves to share her knowledge and experience. If time allows, she might very well invite you for a mutual painting session. Go get creative with an art holiday at Yepton’s.

There are lots of stunning locations that’ll help you unleash your inner artist and Gabriela will share her knowledge, offer tips and artist’s secrets to help you improve your painting.

If you love painting and drawing, this is the place to be! Absorb the view, the bright Caribbean colors and the tropical surroundings, discover different mediums and cover the empty canvas with what it is you see. Let go and tell your very own story by exploring new ways of painting and practicing new styles. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or an experienced painter. It’s all about your passion and excitement to create something beautiful.

Enjoy your art holidays at Yeptons!