Relaxing Retirement Holidays In The Caribbean Antigua

Are you longing for a relaxing and exciting vacation this summer and still don’t know where to spend your retirement trip? Are you still looking for the rigth place so you can just leave all your worries at home and have some fun adventure? Well, I do have a place for you that you won’t regret spending your retirement holidays.

Antigua is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean where many people who are in their retirement choose to go. It is located in the center of the Caribbean and famous for its tropical climate, beautiful sceneries and sugar-like beaches and genuine culture. Once three, you will immediately want to explore more in this lovely paradise island.

Yepton Estate Cottages offer self-catering vacation in Antigua, in the Caribbean, nearby the beach. There are so many retirement vacation ideas you can come up in the island for it offers different water sports you want to enjoy by the beach like surfing, snorkeling, water skiing, wind sailing, bird watching and scuba diving. And by the end of the day the place lets you experience the deluxe Caribbean cuisine and freshly caught sea foods that are served everyday with their finest wines and patented champagne with their well-known made drinks that will suite the very delicate taste of every guests in the island.

Among the breath-taking sights in Antigua you find eye-catching ruins that attract many visitors every year. You will be fascinated by the immense side of the island that was destroyed many years ago by an earthquake. And to add some spice in your list, there was this five star hotel that was a prehistoric convent before and today it has an art gallery with two amazing museums open for the public view visited by so many people who loves the world of art.

Be accommodated at the self-catering rentals at Antigua in the Caribbean and have some pleasurable retirement holidays that will surely make your retirement unforgettable. So, what are you waiting for? Just spend your retiree vacation at one of the most recommended self-catering rentals in the Caribbean and reserve a cottage for your retirement trip in Antigua. At Yepton Estate Cottages we will make sure you enjoy every minute that you spend at your memorable retiree vacation. Experience a wonderful vacation in Antigua with us and hurry up, book now for your awaited retirement trip and experience the Caribbean life you have ever dream of.