Why Caribbean Antigua Is Great For A Retirement Trip

If you haven’t been able to be in Antigua, then you’re in for a treat. Antigua is the best place to go if you are planning for a retirement trip for Antigua is perfect for relaxation and fun. This paradise island is found in the eastern part of the Caribbean. The weather in Antigua Island is unbelievably good and for you to experience it; you must really visit this wondrous island. The weather is humid so you can enjoy a fine weather throughout the year! Antigua may be small compared to its neighboring islands, but it is considered as one of the world’s most wonderful places to visit. That alone, you are assured that Antigua should be on the top of your retirement trip destination.

Not only the location and weather is good, but also the opulent culture, fun-filled activities, breath-taking views (specially the sunset) and unlimited activities during day and night are only a few of the many reasons why you should go and spend your vacation in Antigua. All of these will surely I give you a lot of memories to treasure and always remember.

Antigua Island is composed of 365 beaches and a lot more places to go to, and few of the famous places to visit in the island is the Shirley Heights (if you want a challenging and adventurous activity), rainforest trail passing through Betty’s Hope and Fig Tree Drive (if you wanted to be one with the nature) and if you wanted to absorb and know more about the rich history of the island, Safari companies will surely grant your wish and will tour you in the old villages and historical remains to know more about the starting point of the island.

After experiencing all those countless fun activities, you would surely want a comfy place to stay in and sleep, right? That’s where the Yepton Estate Cottage comes in. Due to the surrounding green trees and views of colorful gardens, you will never regret and you will surely remember your stay. Yepton Estate Cottages offer a self-catering vacation in Antigua, in the caribbean, nearby the beach, thus giving you a great “homey” feeling. And to top it all off, their hospitality and the kind welcome will surely make you feel like you are a very important person.

Pack your bags, ready your tickets and experience the best retirement trip you will ever have!